Beyond - Sixth edition by Luca Ricci
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 16 February 2019
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery

in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna

It is pleased to inform you that

Saturday 16 February 2019

6.00 pm

the opening of the event will be held


during the evening, Luca Ricci will be present


Artists on display


Alberto Marchesini, Andrea Milia, Beppe Burgio, Chiara Quaglia, Enrico Frusciante, Flavio Pellegrini, Gabriella Puthod, Gustavo Maestre, Irma Servodio, Janilia Jannucci, Lucia Petracca and Alessandra Mazzeo, Maria Adelaide Corvaglia, Masoudeh Miri, Mercedita de Jesus, Ninni Trifirò, Patrizia Mori, Rita Lombardi, Ruth Withall, Silvia Montevecchi, Silvia Montomoli (Si.mon)



The work comes from the mind and the heart of the author. Space and time are the context in which it is conceived. An instinctive judgment on artistic creation would be superficial if the poetics it contains were not taken into consideration. The intuition and sensitivity of the artist are hidden behind a narrative made of signs and symbols that come more or less directly to those who look at them. Contemporary man is used to receiving a multitude of multi-sensory messages that do not leave time for the imagination to realize what has been assimilated in the immediate future. Visual art is the representation of an encrypted language. The artist's feelings and thoughts are implicit in shapes and color. Today, the technologies used are much closer to the public than in the past, just think of the daily use of photos and digital tools. It is a kind of stylistic empathy that is being established between the artist and the observer. However, the meaning remains an enigma.

In the "Criticism of Judgment" Immanuel Kant thinks that beauty is something that is intuitively perceived: there are therefore no "rational principles" of taste, so much so that education in beauty can not be taught. There is a free beauty that can be learned without any concept. It is not enough to approach the work to judge an exercise in style. The curiosity to get in touch with the artist must get used to widening our horizons and looking beyond.

Luca Ricci


Sponsored and advertised by:

Novaprint Srl

Duration of exhibition:

from 16 February to 28 February 2019

Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00

February 14 closing at 15.00

Info and contacts:



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