Vernissage personal exhibitions of Tridente, Pezzol, Guariso presents Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 05 October 2019
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to inform you that

Saturday 05 October 2019
6.00 pm
the opening of the personal exhibitions of


the evening will be presented by Dr. Denitza Nedkova

Matter, color, shape, light. Nothing is absent and nothing is really present in the works of Luca Tridente. Under the little label of an informal material, the artist carries out an operation of relocation of the personality - his own and of anyone who comes into contact with his work - outside of human physicality and within the pictorial one. It is, in effect, a fluid organism, devoid of skeletal structure, but elastic and adaptive to the mind with which it comes into contact. Thus the artistic representation is transformed into a state of flow, a state of consciousness in which the person is completely immersed in an activity, experiencing an optimal experience. A total involvement of the individual characterizes this condition, which requires an intrinsic motivation that allows the ideal focus on the objective (physical or psychic) ​​and leads to positivity and gratification in the interaction with the interested stimulus. The images produced by Tridente betray this state and confirm how the act of creating is never a monologue but always a dialogue between different elements - on the one hand the personality, experience, creativity and emotional state of the author e, on the other, the material or immaterial resonance of creation - which always produces a different narrative, which in turn is diversified by subsequent readings by the user.

Visual narrative grammar is the basis of Giorgia Pezzoli's artistic research. The figurative language, composed of graphic, material and object elements, follows the same sequential cognitive rhythm that determines the whole mnemonic mechanism of the human mind, or that awareness of the past and the future that differentiates us from other animals that project their existence only hic et nunc. If a letter, a word, a written page completely abstracts reality, transforming it into a few graphic signs, a drawing brings together the shapes, colors, lights and materials that our mind has practically received from the outside world. The experience that takes place is that of a message, a story that reveals itself not linearly, word by word, but spontaneously and immediately as happens with real life. The depictions - from the first archaic artistic attempts of the humanoid to the stylistic versatility of the creative Pezzoli - emerge, therefore, as entrances, as beginnings, as Porticoes of art towards a somatosensory experience that allows us to immerse ourselves in the aesthetic happening as in a moment of real life. This experience, usually defined as artistic fruition, finds its exceptionality in the embodied simulation, in the personification not figuratively but emotionally faithful of reality.

The simplicity of the form lies at the origin of the linguistic coding and of what is currently the most widespread human communication channel - the language. A letter, in fact, and made up of a few graphic lines, the same ones that were enough for the Palaeolithic man to tell all his daily life in images of beings and activities on which his survival depended. Similarly, when the human mind expands and develops consciousness, the being remains able to express its entire inner world through a few figurative traits, even before it is abstracted into verbal signs that inexorably distance it from its true nature. But verbal language, visual language, sound or tactile language, are all governed by a cognitive mechanism - that of sequential thought - which transforms every moment of our life into a story, a fragment of history, into an archetypal narrative module. Francesca Guariso acquires these archetypes of the existential of Homo Sapiens and involves them in a simple and effective story-telling like a rock painting. In this way, the ancient dominance of the great procreative force that determines the first matriarchal societies is reborn, showing the awareness of the creative nature of the eternal superiority of nature over being ....... Since what in a place falls and the adorned water, pushed is on the other site by the flow of reference, since nothing is lost that cannot be found, looking for…. as one of the sonnets of Edmund Spenser states.

September, 2019

Denitza Nedkova

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Show duration:
from 05 October to 17 October 2019
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00
17 October closing at 3.00pm

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