Exhibitions by Stefano Galli, Angelo Licari, Luisa Modoni from 2 to 14 November 2019
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 02 November 2019
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to inform you that

Saturday 02 November 2019
6.00 pm
the opening of the personal exhibitions of
during the evening Dr. Francesca Bogliolo will be present

The works of the three artists, in dialogue with each other, aim to entice those who look at a profound reflection on reality, to be reconsidered in the light of their own emotional experience. The cyclical nature of life and its depth are interpreted by Stefano Galli through a peculiar style, which projects the viewer into the canvas, absorbing the gaze and the most intimate emotions: the artist, modifying the point of view on reality, allows you to observe the infinite facets without prejudice. A real poetic of the real, whose verses seem to be marked by a wise use of color, which accompanies the inexorable passing of days with sobriety and veiled irony. In the works of Angelo Licari we find a constant and coherent survey of the everyday, lived in the light of an incessant search for a truth that knows how to permeate the world expressing itself through the artistic act. Beauty is the only key to save the world from an announced drift, declaimed through silent acts of indifference and selfishness. A light that is sometimes raw and cold, sometimes soft and enveloping, is capable of transfiguring the features of the onlookers who invite you to enter the work without reservation, participating in a show destined to never end, staged through an independent pictorial style of intimist matrix. With rigorous synthesis, Luisa Modoni poses her delicate reflection on the modern man and on his need to recover his relationship with the world and with the other; his stylistic figure seems to reverberate some verses by Chandra Livia Candiani “See, everything can collapse here. The faces like the houses are cinemas, they are ashes. ”However, with simplicity and rigor, Luisa Modoni, like the poet, knows how to remember the true nature of man, and how this can be saved through contact, relationship , art: it seems to tell us in turn "the universe does not have a center, but to embrace it it does so, it approaches us slowly and yet without apparent reason, then spreading its arms, showing the disarming of the wings, and finally yes vanishes together. "
Francesca Bogliolo
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Show duration:
from 02 November to 14 November 2019
from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00
 November 14 closing at 15.00
Info and contacts:
Mail: info@wikiarte.com
Website: www.wikiarte.com

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