Personal Exhibitions by Antonello Cangemi, Nino La Ghianda, Andrea Sangalli present Denitza Nedkova
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 16 November 2019
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery

in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna

It is pleased to inform you that


Saturday 16 November 2019

6.00 pm

the opening of the personal exhibitions of




during the evening Dr. Denitza Nedkova will be present


The synthesis of Morandian silent realism or the linearity of geometric symbolism? Despite the formal appearance may lead to easy labeling, the denominator of the art of Antonello Gangemi has other origins, much older and much less artistic. This is that explicit and highly communicative graphism which gives rise to the only purely human characteristic, memory. Thus the work identifies itself in a mnemonic archetype as a material sign that precedes the verbal one by centuries and that is external to nothing but drawings, or works of art. Gangemi senses the immediacy and spontaneity of the few traits and primary colors - the low level features that are the backbone of each image and are detected by the oldest part of our brain, the midbrain. Here originates the segmentation of the image that moves from graphemes to symbols to arrive at semantics. This cognitive construction of the imago is illustrated by the works of Antonello Gangemi that range from rock geometrism to twentieth-century realism without pauses or interruptions, as happens for the neural mechanism that processes them all under the sign of non-verbal but illustrative and descriptive communication, the archetypal one and primordial.

The primary sense that springs from the works of Luciano Vetturini (Nino La Ghianda) is the epic popular one that distinguishes every tradition. An almost biblical language, capable of feeding on the lesson of great masters like Bruegel and the painters ... and then at a certain point, in Vetturini, it blossoms like an expressive, sonorous and choral fury that thins the almost biblical language, capable of feeding on the lesson of great masters like Bruegel and the Nordic painters and of the illustrated imagination of the years in which Covili took the road of art…. From a certain moment onwards, in him an expressive fury blossomed into an organic style of everyday life. A great community culture emerges from the lyrics of Vetturini who, with his life, narrates a newspaper - simple and efficient - with a strong melancholy note for the non-return of Arcadia where men and nature live in perfect harmony. A melancholy that shines through the baroque heaviness of the figures and the horror vacui of the rooms softened by the always fluid and curvilinear line, favored by human perception. A singer of the forgotten life, Luciano Vetturini becomes the storyteller of an entire mythology - images, visions and memories that feed on the human and artistic history of Vetturini himself, a quarter of a century long - so necessary to contemporary sensibility, as the only salvation remains the return to natural simplicity. Thus was born the only "Cantastorie - Storytellers", a neverending story.

A bitter smile on the absurd loss of humanity of the contemporary being distinguishes the work of Andrea Sangalli. The hedonistic zoomorphism brings the artist closer to Medialism, the contemporary artistic current that does not consider the work of art as an autonomous totality, but finds confirmation in the concept of art as a free and independent construction of mind and feeling. Thus, painting acts on a wide range of images, evoking frequent images of popular imprinting, rejecting a merely descriptive manipulation of life, assimilating rather disparate realities of social transfiguration. A transfiguration that transforms human life into a fish adventure under the sign of a pop populace that finds its most bizarre and playful expression in shocking colors and cartoons. The artist performs with great lightness and ease an existential metamorphosis that changes the human being into the almost two-dimensional and rough aquatic vertebrate, covered with scales and equipped with pine, from which phyla is born the entire terrestrial life. A joke with nature or, even better, of the nature of the artifex that presents a real immersion in the world of the unconscious. And like a fish, Sangalli seems to have a natural property that makes him open his eyes to the world, as if his artistic evolution had led him to do without the eyelid, so as not to waste a single moment.

Denitza Nedkova

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Show duration:

from 16 November to 28 November 2019

from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00

 November 28 closing at 15.00

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