Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 03 January 2020
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to inform you that

Friday 03 January 2020

the opening of the exhibition will be held


With the works of

The night is silent
and in his silence
dreams are hidden.
Kahlil Gibran

I wander through the halls of an exhibition at night, when the halls of the gallery do not contemplate any presence, if not those of the experts. As in a dream, everything is quiet, immobile, silent. The breath of the night opens the way to deeper understanding, the one that reveals the secrets of the human soul. Let yourself be led by an unknown breeze, capable of teaching anyone who has the courage to let yourself be carried away to flight, seems the only possible yearning. Slide between colors that remain unheard in nature, which shine in their fullness in the works; I penetrate between lines with a deep narrative propensity, capable of telling timeless stories, in which everyone's desires take root and sprout. I fly over the roofs of buildings that contain stories of love never happened, of unconfessed feelings, sighed encounters; I wonder what would happen if it were only true. I am sure it is night, because the moon smiles at me, however I am equally certain that it is not this world, because it is more than one that looks out from bright skies. I collect a heart from a tree that offers them, spontaneous fruits to be savored in a world where empire, balanced and just sovereign, inner serenity. I have a start. I remember being in front of the works of two masters capable of dialoguing on the theme of dream, of sentiment, of the eternal: Luca Dall'Olio and Francesco Musante. Intimate assonances allow you to follow a coherent path, which in both cases brings to light a complex and nuanced inner world, to be investigated first with the soul and, only later, with the eye. Luca Dall'Olio, tireless traveler, artist, poet, retains the innocence of childhood in his adult gaze, condensing on the canvas infinite spaces, landscapes of a soul that yearns for absolute and delicate alchemy, well condensed in a formal research that reveals a deep understanding of the most intimate reasons of art, those which reality does not know. Among the skies, the gaze is free to wander, looking for a dream that belongs to it, that can be collected without being seen. Francesco Musante, an artist with an exquisite pictorial sensitivity, skilled designer, tightrope walker of the heart, creates a universe that is a mirror of his own refinement and lives on tiptoe, with expressive freedom, inviting everyone to find the keys to access that fantastic dimension to which as children were accessed with greater ease, which was a source of infinite joy. Echoes of the pictorial poetics of Chagall and Mirò appear in a cultured vocabulary of forms, capable of originating a language as immediate as it is enigmatic. I listen to the echo of my footsteps ringing in the empty rooms, let my fingers run over the frames, give the finishing touches. It is not a matter of moving from one dimension to another: in the encounter with art the boundaries become thinner, allowing the dream to become reality, the reality to change into a dream. I close the door, turn off the light, look at the sky. The moon seems out of place tonight, but maybe that's where it should be.

Critical text and presentation:
Dr. Francesca Bogliolo

Exhibition curated by
Deborah Petroni

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Duration of the exhibition:
from 3 to 18 January 2020
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00
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