Personal exhibitions of Bianco, Charmin and Merces
Exhibitions, Italy, Bologna, 14 March 2020
The Wikiarte Contemporary Art Gallery
in Via San Felice 18 - Bologna
It is pleased to inform you that

Saturday 14 March 2020
6.00 pm

the personal exhibitions of
Giovanna Bianco
Odile Chalmin
Bernard Merces

A new appointment with art will propose to the public three personalities with acute sensitivity, capable of promoting the public's reflection on the function of art and its innate predisposition in guiding man to discover himself and his present.
Works capable of bridging the past and the future are those of Giovanna Bianco, a multifaceted artist who focuses her investigation on a time in which yesterday and today cancel their boundaries in order to place themselves in another dimension, forerunner. of messages capable of coexisting, opposing and overlapping in a continuous and fertile visual reference. The history of art relives in the light of the artist's own gaze: iconic images, ideal echoes of a beauty that has never faded, appear reworked and developed in the light of today's approach, capable of infusing subjects with a life of their own. The historical and artistic experience is renewed through the contemporary gaze, which through a personal reinterpretation reiterates the contents of the past and at the same time renews them making them accessible to everyone, stimulating the collective memory to relive intuitions full of deep meanings and symbols. Color and shape are the pillars of the artistic progress of Odile Chalmin, an artist who places his experimentation on the border between abstraction and figuration, with the desire to reproduce on the canvas the images that insinuate themselves into the mind during the phases of the deepest sleep. Influenced by Sonia Delaunay and Vieira Da Silva, Odile Chalmin places her pictorial language on the canvas starting from the assumption that every color, as well as every word in a poem, has a precise and decisive role. The work then becomes visual lyric, capable of stirring deep emotions. For the French painter, the creation is intimate. It is unique and personal, different for each. But for everyone it is a vital energy, a real bread to face existence and life. The artist becomes part of the work, through a physical approach that is dynamic and sensual at the same time, a guarantee of absolute truth. The balance and composure of sentiment dwell in Bernard Merces' photographic shots, capable of remembering, through the photographic act, the intensity of living. His artistic progress clearly codifies the existence of areas of light and shadow within which silent existences, momentary apparitions capable of rising to a universal dimension through one's anonymity take place in a delicate flow. Silent architectures frame spaces of possibility, in which interiors and exteriors cancel the boundaries to become scenarios in which the soul can wander without getting lost. In placing his poetic gaze on reality, Merces does not deny any of human emotions: rather, he enucleaves them and gradually harmonizes them, in a melancholic gait that reminds man of the need for a deep and illuminating awareness of his feelings. A deep sweetness pervades the images, capable of keeping the secrets of a time that belongs to eternity.
Francesca Bogliolo

Presentation by
Francesca Bogliolo

Sponsored and advertised by:

Wikiarte Gallery
Via San Felice 18
40122, Bologna

Duration of the exhibition:
from March 14 to March 26 2020
exhibition ends March 26 at 3.00 pm
Exhibition opening
Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

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