Exhibitions, Italy, Torino, 10 February 2012

Roberto Piaia, the lands Assurfivo Unique to the Gallery of Turin.

Unique to the Gallery as a gallery of reference for the city of Turin, home permanently from February 10 and for the entire year, some of
most significant works of
painter and sculptor Roberto Piaia.
The eclectic singer from Treviso has created a highly personal artistic expression, sculptural and pictorial, defined by the curious term "Assurfivo".
Assurfivo a word is very curious: it combines with surreal abstract and figurative, and is the symbol of style that Roberto Piaia defines himself and his work as a painter. I quote his letter to short text which carries the title My world, where the artist says it will go further, touch and feel the most remote parts, our most secret thoughts in our minds, strengthen and re-creating life in any form with its natural color. In front of the message loud and sure some of his works, in front of his reflection on form, color and transparency of glass, in front of his depictions of women - a sort of divinity carnal dotted with meticulous precision, a messenger of Eros so explicit as to be disturbing and, paradoxically, sidereal and psychologically
elusive - his appeal to the hidden thoughts of reading becomes a warning, which implies a reference to the dreamlike atmosphere of Surrealism. He also has a precise sense the reference to abstraction, precisely where the image will require more phantasmagoric, as tends to prevail on the conceptual meaning, avoiding any spatial and temporal reference. The visual construction is always tax of abstraction, where the background combines colored bands that surround and involve figures and objects in a clever optical illusion as unsettling. The complexity of the visual universe of Roberto Piaia where alternate cycles of works characterized by visual approaches different, from stylistic experimentation of various nature, but where the constant that always brings to his inimitable individuality is the application of the phantasmagoric color requires attention particular.
Some works of the artist 'are on display from February 10 to March 2, 2012.
The work of the gallery are hosted Piaia continuously through 2012.

Unique Galerie - C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, n. Torino 36 - ch. 10123
Tell 0115617049 - info@galerieunique.com - www.galerieunique.com.

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