Graziano Ferrari exhibits at PORTINERIA 14
Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 06 September 2017
What is PORTINERIA 14?
PORTINERIA 14 is a place on the canal leading to Pavia, in via Ettore Troilo at 14 in Milan, not far from San Gottardo course, open from 11am to midnight. Its feature is to offer services that were not even too far away from gatehouses. In fact, you can leave your home keys for any event, you can deliver the mail or parcels in our absence, but it is also a welcoming venue where books are presented, cultural events are organized, Art exhibitions. All lived in a relaxed atmosphere where you can have aperitifs, eat, converse. Especially in the summertime it expands to occupy the small square in front by offering the guests the opportunity to stay outdoors. The idea was resumed, from the three girls who run the commercial space, from similar initiatives that starting from Switzerland have spread to much of Europe.
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francesca furin
2 years ago
Congratulazioni e un grande in bocca al lupo!!!
Chiara Ciccone
2 years ago
Chiara Ciccone Architect, Artist
Congratulazioni e in bocca al lupo!
renato mericco
2 years ago
Auguri e complimenti
lucia leopardi
2 years ago
Tantissimi auguri Graziano.
2 years ago
Cat Photographer
Tanti auguri!!!
Nanouk Reicht
2 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Touts mes compliments et bonne chance !
Maristella  Angeli
2 years ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
Paul Brotherton
2 years ago
Paul Brotherton Designer, Artist
Congratulations and best wishes for this event!
Vittorio Pasotti
2 years ago
I miei complimenti..e ovviamente con i migliori auguri...!!

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