The forest behind the trees
Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 17 November 2018
So I called this exhibition, making the verse a well-known way of saying: "To look at the trees, you do not see the forest". If the gaze stops at what is most evident or is lost in the attempt to find the symbolic elements to which it is accustomed and to which it refers to confirm the rightness of its own seeing, renounces the possibility of knowing reality.
Penetrating the surface requires an effort that not everyone is willing to do. Often we are content with what appears excluding the possibility of getting to the engine of things. It is a rather common attitude in our society of appearance in which everything seems without history and without meaning. What is missing is not the tools, but the will to apply them. Art is one of these, among the most profound because it communicates on wavelengths unknown to other languages ​​and has the real possibility of being universal.
It is useless for you to search for trees or even a forest ... you would not find them. Or you could also find them, but only if the mental image of the tree or the forest is formed in your mind with characteristics that have nothing to do with what they have always taught us to recognize.

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Kenan Koçak
1 year ago
Kenan Koçak Artist
Nanouk Reicht
1 year ago
Tanti auguri Graziano !
lucia leopardi
1 year ago
bellissima introduzione a una mostra che sara' molto bella.
Maristella  Angeli
1 year ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Painter, Artist
Congratulazioni Graziano!
Condivido il tuo pensiero.
1 year ago
Cat Premium Photographer
Complimenti e auguri!!!

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