Exhibitions, Italy, Firenze, 25 November 2011
Contemporary identity
Path of photography, painting and graphics.
Path of contexts and looks through the materials of today.

November 25 to 27 hours from 16 to 21.00
Former Church of St. Charles Barnabites, S. 12 Augustine, Florence

The Cultural Association IDENTITY Heyart presents' CONTEMPORARY a group of 14 young artists.
Heyart aims to create an interaction between the various languages ​​of art by focusing on excellence, emotions, research and culture. Therefore the purpose of collective collaboration is to produce new ideas starting from the circularity of the talent participating in this exhibition.
The vision and techniques are presented as places of interaction and introspection, where urban, natural and social emotional time become transposition of matter and dialogue with today.
The route runs through a set of green design conceived in collaboration with Design MaisonBiò generous, open-plan first Florentine who creates from recycled materials.
At times, mixing times and styles can be successful and trigger creative processes, needed to find a merger between the different forms of expression and generate a renewed attention to contemporary artistic languages ​​of the territory.

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