Hanging in Time
Exhibitions, Italy, Livorno, Cecina, 16 December 2011
Hanging in Time: Photographs by Alessandra Baldoni, Silvia and Francesco Noferi Minucci.

During the exhibition, the brand will be presented by Michele JesùLaFrench Moricci.

"What really matters is not so much the privileged moment, how to identify their own reality, after which, all the moments more or less equivalent." Ugo Mulas.

"Hanging in time" is the story of three different stories, but at the same time, linked by a definite feeling emotional and temporal suffered or consciously felt by the actors on each story: the perception of moments suspended in time of expectation and the immobility the passage of time.

In "The things you see," Baldoni Alessandra portrays heroines of fairy tales of childhood and women infinitely sun in front of uncontaminated areas. Those shots are composed by the artist of unusual beauty, people are aware of a balance between the solemn stillness
The work of Alessandra Baldoni are the result of research that is driven by a hidden and innate need to stop the moment - "chosen" among millions of other moments - and make it eternal with his "impression". His is an emergency rather than a need: the photograph is, as she says in an interview, "the means to capture the world, to tell the tale and tell" like all the moments that make up the personal lives, laboratories stories constantly evolving.
"Hotel Reverie" by Silvia Noferi is the story of a place of transit, old hotel on the outskirts of Florence with its rooms empty of furniture and stories that have stayed here. The beautiful old detached tapestry of time that things change, the little wear worn furniture, the floors covered with plastic sheets become dusty backdrop to create evocative narratives. Noferi The characters in this context that become part of new actors and stories simultaneously witness a surreal memory fades, a subject dear to many in this photograph of Tuscany.
"Play" by photographer Francesco Minucci the 'postmodern society', played by the individual at war with himself, and all obsessions, projections, simulations and deviations. "Behind a world of games and materials, lurks a genuine nihilism, where each individual tends to deny permanently and radical that there is any value in itself and the existence of any objective truth. It is the postmodern society, the man fights everyone, but especially against himself, in one dimension with no history and no time is dramatically reveals concrete and real. "
And 'So, the idea of R03;R03;time to make the underlying theme of the exhibition "Hanging in time", and warned transcribed with different expressions of three young talented Italian contemporary art, outlining a thin line between real and surreal.

During "Hanging in time" will be presented on an independent project JesùLaFrench! Florentine fashion designer Michael Moricci, a line of T-shirt represents the passion for pop - culture, the style is contemporary and immortalized on simple white cotton, signed American Apparel, the iconography of our times.

Features critical essays by Luca Beatrice and Alessandra Lazzerini

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