Light Years Away
Exhibitions, United States, Newark, 24 June 2017
Index Art Center is pleased to present “Light Years Away,” a group exhibition of artwork informed by celestial mapping including the themes of star navigation, star cartography, scale of the Universe, orbits of celestial bodies, the search for habitable planets and/or extraterrestrial life, time dilation, and other matters addressing the exploration of our universe via charts, maps, diagrams, and other visual documentation meant to interpret our understanding of the geography of space in the broadest interpretation of this subject matter. Curated by Wavelength, a collaborative project by Gianluca Bianchino and Jeanne Brasile, their curatorial model considers phenomenological art informed by scientific principles. They are interested in interpreting art as a metaphysical space to discuss ideas. The exhibition brings together multi-media installations, sculpture, drawing and paintings that are sympathetic to their curatorial philosophy. Featured artists include Pasquale Cuppari, Dahlia Elsayed, Amber Heaton, Heejung Kim, Heather Merckle, Julia Oldham, Really Large Numbers and Chad Stayrook.
“Beyond creating imagery, the works are unified through the artists’ desire to visualize cosmological phenomena, depict quasi-diagrammatical explanations of scientific data, or present complex ideas in an easily understood format,” noted Wavelength’s curatorial team. Chad Stayrook’s Final Frontier playfully “explains” the making of a constellation, while Amber Heaton charts the natural light and movement of the sun and the moon for a year in her installation and Heejung Kim explores the spiritual aspects of the night sky. Viewers will be situated in a series of conversations about stellar wonders in an immersive environment.
Index Art Center was established in May 2009 with a mission to help strengthen and revitalize Newark’s emerging art scene. They wish to create an environment where the local community and artists of all media can come together and take part in a unique dialogue, one which affirms Newark as a center for contemporary art. Index Art Center is located at 237 Washington Street, Newark, New Jersey near the corner of Market Street. It is easily accessible by car, The PATH and NJ Transit. Hours are Thursdays 6 to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays 1 – 4pm and by appointment. Admission is free and open to the public.

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