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CROWDFUNDING on Radio Stonata
From Wednesday 17 know "Protagonists"

After the summer break, on Radio Stonata back to talk directly to Crowdfunding, in two evenings:

Wednesday, from 21:00 Elisabetta Casarin lead

CROWDFUNDING - The Protagonists:
a space reserved for the theoretical aspects and the presentation of the various actors involved in Crowdfunding;

Thursday ', again from 21:00, it's time for CROWDFUNDING - The New Challenges: We will hear from the voice of the Creators Project in what is their idea, and we will test directly the effectiveness of their campaign.

The broadcasts on Wednesday will count on the presence of regular correspondents "fixed" who will report about different topics:

With us Mauro Defrancesco, gallery owner and founder of Micro Credit Artistique, which will lead a weekly column ("The Pawnbroker" - the man of the pawnshop) on Crowdfunding and contemporary art, in connection with operations by the major artistic events in Europe.

It will be with us Kluzer Frederick, founder of the portal Limoney, which will conduct a bi-monthly column ("Crowdfunding pills Italian") on how the phenomenon is declined in our country, the merits and limitations of the "Italian system".

The consultants Ideaginger, portal Reward Based Crowdfunding, will lead the monthly column "Ginger replied," to answer live questions from the audience on Crowdfunding and the countryside.

Finally, those in charge of Smartika in connection regularly on Radio Stonata make the point about the "Social Lending".

The broadcasts of Radio Stonata Wednesday will also allow new portals to show up, and to deepen the theoretical aspects related to the various modes (donation, reward, lending, equity), in which a breakdown of the Crowdfunding.

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