DOWNLOAD FREE REPORT Crowdfunding in Italy
News, Italy, Trento, 18 January 2016
DOWNLOAD FREE REPORT Crowdfunding in Italy

Ufofabrik launches an exciting new project in partnership with Micro Crédit Art, the financing platform for contemporary art projects. Designed specifically for artists from around the world, the initiative will provide visibility and support for a wide range of arts projects, selected from the gallery.
Artists crowdfunding!
Ufofabrik and Micro Crédit Art are working together to catalyze economic support necessary for art projects commercial.
The goal is to support artists in the visual arts, in a time when public funds are decreasing, sharing their stories, generating contributions, and reaching new audiences.
Ufofabrik offers art lovers, art patrons, and anyone with an interest in the arts the opportunity to support projects, presented on our page on Micro Credit Art.
Browse the projects selected.
Create a project!

Ufofabrik invites artists to submit projects on micro crédit artistique and ask to be part of Ufofabrik Crowdfunding.

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