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UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery

Summer dream - 20%
registration by 30 july 2017

Ufofabrik thanks the artists who support the gallery with the management.

12 months - 280 € artist management Standard
12 months - 240 € artist management Crowdfunding*
12 months - 480 € artist management Magnum**

The cost includes admission to two contemporary art fairs.

Ufofabrik is a very dynamic international art gallery.
Founded in 2009, today is a reference in Italy for emerging artists.
The management for artists is responsible for sales.
Marketing and overall management of the business.
Following every aspect, technical and cultural.
Every detail of the organization are followed carefully.
Such as participation in art fairs , exhibitions, and special projects.

Artists management

1) The duration is 12 months.
2) Payable in one or two installments. Non refundable.
3) In this period, in the case of direct sales , the gallery receives 25%
4) Is initially agreed on a work program with clear objectives to achieve.
5) Management is funded through Crowdfunding *
6) Free participation in two art fair, to be agreed together.
7) 50% discount on any project with a fee.
8) Shipping costs and logistics of the artworks are charged to the artist.
9) The artists will be involved in exhibition projects in the gallery.
10) 12 months + four contemporary art fairs**


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