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UFOFABRIK Contemporary Art Gallery

Crowdfunding for Contemporary Art

Benefit for art lending personal two contemporary art fairs.

6/12/18 months - 480 € art lending personal*
6/12/24 months - 100/5000 € art lending social

Social lending, also known as P2P lending, consists of private lending, ie personal loans from private individuals to other private individuals.

This activity takes place on socially-owned enterprises or companies' websites, without going through the traditional channels represented by authorized financial intermediaries as well as by provisions for the collection of savings by non-banks, including a section (IX) Fully dedicated to Social Lending.

The objective of the art lending art project is the personal and social promotion of contemporary art.
Ufofabrik promotes the meeting between those who need micro loans and who is willing to lend, without conducting financial intermediation or public savings collection.

Become a supporter

1) The duration is 6/12/18/24 months.
2) Benefit e reimbursement of expenses 6,5% annual
3) Returning the full amount at the expiration date.
4) For the art lending social the minimum investment starts at € 100
5) Possible early repayment, accredited within 10 working days.
6) An artist management is activated for personal art lending.
7) Free admission to two art fairs, to be agreed together*
8) The gallery supports contemporary art projects worthy of trust.
9) Agreed assessment of the main projects to be promoted.
10) Art lending social is funded through Crowdfunding MCA.


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