DM Dolomiti Moderne
News, Italy, Trento, Moena, 30 July 2018
Dolomiti Moderne
Moena - Trentino - Italy
July l August 2018

The aim of the project is to work together a few days in the atelier.
The experience is thought of as a moment of dialogue; evaluate and understand together how the dynamics of a complex sector like that of contemporary art are changing.

Special benefits:
Participation as an exhibitor at a contemporary art fair.
Publication of two works on the online portal
Convivial dinner

Possible to present a joint proposal gallery / artist / curator.
The duration and work in the atelier are agreed with the participants.
The experience period: three days for each project.
Applications are open; all proposals will be evaluated.
The program is open to VIP, collectors, curators and artists.

A simple motivational e-mail is required to apply.
Official language: Italian
Open registrations
Location: Moena (Trento) Dolomites - Italy.
Language: Italian / English
Costs to be borne by the participant:
Travel, food and lodging, personal expenses.

Cost of experience: 188 Euro

Info: ufofabrik(et)

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