Continuum. Processo d’interazione tra spazio ambientale e pubblico di Raffaele Quida.
Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 13 September 2017
t will be held in Milan from 13 to 23 September in the impressive spaces of the Ex-Fornace - with the patronage of the 6th City Hall of Milan - the fourth and last stage of the project "Continuum" by the artist Lecce Raffaele Quida by Alessia Locatelli . The exhibition is the conclusion of a path that has landed in 2016 in the main cities of Apulia and has the focus of investigation on the Corps. As the artist says, "The Body, from the time of birth-conception, to social and relational involvement. This investigation is triggered by the introduction of industrial objects in the urban rhythm, in direct contact with the community and with the spaces in which it daily lives, with its habits and needs. " A research on existence, through the reading of relations with public and social space. The Milanese exhibition summarizes the entire project Continuum and is structured by placing in the suggestive volumes of Ex Fornace (ground floor and piano2) the photographs taken in the previous exhibitions and the "totemic" elements that characterized the urban installations in the crossed cities: Bari Antonella Marino, Lecce by Lorenzo Madaro. There will also be a projection of the video taken during the performance of the third stage of Taranto by Michela Casavola.
The plan will continue with a large-size photosensitive installation, placed in July and August in another location, and then in September, repositioned to interact with the Milan light at the windows overlooking the pavese . The light will intervene by tracing the shapes of both architectural geometries on the maps in an interaction of geographically distant places, but united in a conceptual bridge of light.
The public space of the Ex Fornace is consistent with the idea of ​​redefining the urban spaces already implemented in previous exhibitions, in an attempt to investigate which should lead the user to a reworking through a series of physical and symbolic operations - expressing On the one hand, the crisis of environmental mismatch and, on the other hand, the breakdown of pre-established equilibriums. The redefinition of urban geographers and public spaces thus enters into a profound relationship with reflection on the life cycle: the individual in his vital period, which does not end with death, but falls into a cycle, in a continual space- Temporal, in which dust (death as an end) is nothing other than the constituent element of new tangible realities.

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