Photo Curator: Cura il tuo progetto fotografico dal concept al vernissage -PHOS FOTOGRAFIA
Workshops , Italy, Torino, 23 February 2019
The curator's profession is similar to being a conductor: the sound of every single instrument must be known to know where to place it and how to direct it to the best. Today the world of photography has gained the attention of culture and the market, creating the need for a professional figure capable of knowing how to conceive, organize and manage independently the complexity of creating a photographic exhibition.
The course provides a complete overview and valuable information on the skills - technical and theoretical - that must have a Photo Curator. Through the topics addressed, even the individual photographer will be able to better coordinate all the part related to the preparation of a portfolio, the protection of images and the management of communication. So you can design a concept or create a portfolio, participate in the selection for a competition, know how to select images for a photobook or manage an exhibition in a professional manner in all its phases: from concept to vernissage.
The course includes some theoretical parts interspersed with images and case studies, as well as a visit to a photographic exhibition as an element of concrete verification of what has been learned in the classroom.

The course is aimed at all those who would like to deepen the curatorial practices of the world of contemporary photography (photographers, curators, gallery owners, collectors, amateurs, museum workers)

at Phos school : Via Giambattista Vico 1, Torino.

Febr. 23 – 24 2019
from 10 am to 6pm

by e-mail, | phone at: +39 011 7604867, or 0039 333 7470186.

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