Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 12 September 2019
Sant Andreu Contemporani Center in Barcelona is pleased to present in Milan the collective exhibition entitled Osmosi curated by Alessia Locatelli. The works of 4 Catalan Under35 artists selected following the victory of the curator of an international open call for the Miquel Casablancas Awards jury, to which he participated thanks to a curatorial residency supported in May 2019 by Sant Andreu Contemporani, a cultural reality with a focus in the contemporary visual arts connected to the Municipality of Barcelona.
Nature has its own rules that do not necessarily find themselves in a position to foster presence or create development for the human being. As we know, our appearance took place on the planet only a long time after its genesis, therefore the laws that have always regulated the earth's balance cannot be destined to man. And yet, this small living being is the only one who, in the short span of its evolution, has been able to alter and almost irreversibly modify the conditions of nature itself, whose response often translates into an attempt to aggressively rebalance through the natural disasters.

Osmosi faces a contemporary reflection on the theme of the human-Nature balance. The contemporary art collective inaugurates 12 September 2019 at the spaces of CityArt in via Dolomiti 10 in Milan and remains open for a month. The 4 invited artists - Juan David Galindo, Francisco Navarrete Sitja, Eduardo Ruiz and Anna Irina Russell - will bring a work that reflects on the theme through the approach to different modes of language and materials.

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