Photography workshop with Francesco Jodice I Dolomites
Workshops , Italy, Belluno, 24 May 2013
Borca di Cadore (BL)
30 august – 1 september 2013


The workshop centres on two principal phenomenons: the practice of social landscapes and the theoretical and cultural implications to “take photographs” nowadays.

During the day’s workshop we will devote to the photographic observation of the Dolomiti territory, of its forms and history, working on the presence and disappearance of the marks of anthropization of the places and on the photographic plan “to exhaust as a sieve” the surveys and the changes of the landscape.

Moreover we will use the physical and narrative “distance” from the urbanism that the mountain imposes as pretext to under stand the narrative list of photography and its renewed capacity to tell the changes in the days of the eclipse of the west as political and cultural system.

In the workshop the photographic storytelling of the mountain will be mixed with the exposure and the deepening of other narrative mechanisms (writing, video game, cinema, cartoons, tv series, social networks) to define today’s structure of a photographic project. The mountain’s exploration will be a pretext to reason on the rewriting of photography as process of the research of reality.


Born in Naples in 1967, Francesco Jodice lives and works in Milan. His researches encompass changes in modern social landscape underlining new relevant phenomena in urban anthropology. His work explores the urgency for a common ground between art and geopolitics. He was a founding member of the Italian Multiplicity group, an international network and experimental forum of architects and artists. Jodice is professor of Urban Visual Anthropology at the Master in Art and Curatorial studies and professor of Photography at the Cinema and New Media Department at NABA (Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano).
His projects have been exhibited at Documenta in Kassel (2001), the Venice Biennal (2003), the São Paulo Art Biennial (2006), the Tate Modern, London (2006), the ICP Triennial of Photography and Video in New York (2007), the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (2007) and Museo del Prado, Madrid (2011).
Among his main research projects: What We Want a photography world wide Atlas, Secret Traces an archive of human shadowing and Citytellers, a series of films about new forms of social and urban landscapes.


The place of our choice for this workshop is Borca di Cadore, a few steps from Cortina d’Ampezzo (13km), in the Village Corte delle Dolomiti, which rises between the Monte Antelao and the Majestic proportion of the Monte Pelmo, at about 1000-1200 metres in height.
The region of Borca di Cadore is a mountain landscape with spectacular nature, less known are the mountains of the neighbouring “Perla delle Doloniti”, but as much, also more, amazing as landscapes and on which we should like to accomplish a photographic research deepens. The territory of the Dolomiti became in 2009 Unesco cultural heritage.
The touristic Village of Corte took shape in the fifties-sixties of Enrico Mattei will, charismatic and volcanic president of ENI. Destined to an solida resort for the staff of the firm, it assumed a shape at the same time as a project precursor of the environmentalist sensibility emerged in a more evident manner in the eighties and as expression of architectural conception innovative able to annul “every link between aesthetics and social distinction”.
Projected by the istrian architect Edoardo Gellner in collaboration with Carlo Scarpa, it suffered a strong decline further to the murder of Enrico Mattei and was again few years ago by an italian entrepeneur, with the precise will to maintain and safeguard the original project. The workshop will be held in the conference-hall of the Hotel Boite, which is part of the original project as above.
The Hotel Boite is a place covered with charm and history, maintains untouched great amout of Gellner’s original project and is situated in the most pure dolomitic landscape.

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