Workshops , Italy, Treviso, 22 February 2014
Two days with Giuseppe Andretta, Adobe Certified Instructor, to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom 5 like a pro, a powerful photo editing tool. The workshop will begin with a reading of the works of great photographers and their approach to postproduction of images. Followed by a technical study on the management of photo archives, up to advanced post production and project publishing. From identifying the workflow that best suits your photo editing needs to the advanced use of metadata and the integration with Adobe Photoshop.

A workshop to learn the importance of transferring images from the camera, their sorting, grading and editing, the differences between the various digital formats, color management, stages of development and correction, input and one output sharpness, the creation of books, printing. You will also learn the new features of version 5: among others, the enhanced Spot Healing Brush for fast image correction and easily removing objects, Upright™ technology to straighten the photo, radial blur to emphasize and control selected areas of the image.

The workshop is open to photographers, graphic designers, photo enthusiasts and onlookers that, laptop in hand, will be able to operate directly on their images with direct feedback from the lecturer.


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