Exhibitions, Italy, Grosseto, 24 April 2015
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MaremmArtExpò 2015

From April 24 to May 3, 2015, in one of the 5 most beautiful villages in Italy and in an imposing building called The Cortilone in the town of Sorano (GR), there will be an exhibition of contemporary art that has as its purpose the promotion and disclosure, to the widest audience possible, of any form of 'arts of the resident artists in the province of Grosseto;
At the exhibition may, at the invitation of the Organizing Committee AGAF and cultural institutions Municipal Sorano, national and international artists.

-Principio Firm is to make the visual arts from the logic of the free market who see the artist operator as a cost to be exploited; through MaremmArtExpò, artists must, as far as possible, be allowed to exhibit at a cost that includes only cover the costs of setting up the exhibition.

ntendimento of MaremmArtExpò, is to do a simple exhibition but an exhibition of works by the unpredictable and unexpected, able to expose the gesture, personality and thinking of the contemporary artist.

MaremmArtexpò will be divided into the following sections:
Master the Art of Maremma;
Emerging artists;
And established contemporary artists.

-It Will be encouraged realization of works on site in order to entertain and pass on knowledge to the public.
-Other Side events, such as conferences, short performances by theater groups, development of a canvas, will be determined in due course.

Contact For information on participation:
presidenteagaf # gmail.com
Mob. 393384763375

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5 years ago
LucaGood Artist
Grazie dell'invito...spero di poter partecipare..Buon Anno!
clementina macetti
6 years ago
Grazie per l'invito! Adoro la Toscana! Purtroppo da Bergamo, anche se quando posso vengo in vacanza da voi, è troppo distante e in un periodo in ci non posso allontanarmi.
In bocca al lupo per l'iniziativa.
Clementina Macetti
Caterina Giganti (Tica)
6 years ago
Rudolf Lichtenegger
6 years ago
6 years ago
Bellissima iniziativa!.....avrei un quadro in tema!
"Butteri in Maremma"

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