Exhibitions, Italy, Grosseto, Sorano, 25 April 2020
The Grossetana Figurative Arts Association presents the 9th edition of MaremmArtExpò, in conjunction with the Spring Festival of Sorano (GR), one of the most beautiful traditional peasant festivals that has thousands of visitors from all over Italy and from abroad. all visitable from 25 April to 03 May 2020.
MaremmArtExpò will take place in the Ancient building of the 500 called the Cortilone, right in the Borgo Antico di Sorano, in two consecutive weekends: from Saturday 25 April to Sunday 03 May 2020 with opening hours from 09.30 to 12.30 and from 16.00 at 21.00, (in the case of a large public presence, the evening opening may be extended until 24.00).

A great cultural event, a precious opportunity for high-profile artistic proposals, one of the most important and qualifying moments of meeting and comparison in the province of Grosseto among the public, collectors, experts in the sector and a large audience of artists who converge from all over Italy , and beyond.
All this is MaremmArtExpò: more than 70 exhibitors who will make Sorano the center of contemporary art today in the Maremma.
Much more, therefore, than a collective exhibition, but a careful choice of all the artistic currents, from the most influential to the emerging ones.

MaremmArtExpò, located inside the Cortilone, a suggestive building of over 600 square meters, in which from a long corridor of 27 meters. 16 rooms are divided, it offers the possibility to participate with exhibition spaces from small sizes to larger ones, at an affordable price.

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