Vanna Migliorin Contemporary Art COMEL Award, Sixth Edition: on sinuosity of aluminum
Exhibitions, Italy, Latina, 07 October 2017
‘Sinuosity of aluminum’ is the title of the exhibition connected with the sixth edition of the COMEL Award, the only contemporary art award in Europe dedicated to aluminum works of non-industrial format (where this metal is prevalent). The thirteen selected artists offer an overview of the highest international level both for the works presented and for a rich curriculum that boasts many important events in European art and, in some cases, of world-wide interest. With regard to this edition, although most participants are Italian artists, their formation has in several cases taken place between two continents. The thirteen works that will be exhibited declare the properties of aluminum with mastery and creativity. Aluminum is the chosen material, as the mission of the contest and the place where it is held (COMEL Space) has been conceived and organized annually by the Mazzola brothers, entrepreneurs in this field.
The President of the Jury, the art critic and writer Giorgio Agnisola, highlights the strong participation of artists from non-European countries (many from Israel, Japan, and United States). Unfortunately, in accordance with the announcement, it was not possible to accept their application. Meanwhile, this edition of the Prize (the sixth) has extended the participation to all European countries (rather than just the EU ones). A spirit of openness that is also a clear and decisive signal regarding the function of art and the encounter among peoples. ‘This is the other ideal horizon of the award, which aims to be the occasion of comparisons, of links, of dialogue, with determination, sensitivity, style and feeling’ (G. Agnisola).

The COMEL Award is a well-established reality, so much so that the CO.ME.L. company, which is the only sponsor, is one of the most virtuous promoters in the field of worldwide art present at the Corporate Art Awards (this year for the second time). It is no coincidence that it attracts more and more interest in every edition among the experts of the artistic field, and enriches an already full program held at Spazio COMEL gallery of Latina (including the launch of new talent and not well-known works of the greatest artists, such as Burri, Afro and soon Consagra).
The selected artists include: Emilio Alberti (Tempesta, 2015), Daniela Bellofiore (In to th'Europa, 2017), Lele De Bonis (Sigmund, 2016), Sheila De Paoli (Abbraccio / Hug, 2017), Cosimo Figliuolo (Terremoto, 2017), Lorenzo Galligani (Acqua, 2017), Rosaria Iazzetta (Untitled, 2016), George King, United Kingdom (Holding Pattern, 2016), Kuzmanovich Darko, Serbia (One Day and One Night, 2017); Ewa Matyja, Poland, (Aluminum, 2016), Elisabetta Onorati (Se io fossi te..., 2017), Franco Politano (Esercito di latta, 2012), Silvia Sbardella (Essere linea di luce, 2017).

The winner will be announced by the jury on Saturday 28 October. On the same day, the winner of the public will be contextually declared. The jurors, in addition to Giorgio Agnisola (Professor of Sacred Art at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy), is composed by Alfredo La Malfa (Curator and President of the Foundation ‘La Verde La Malfa’, President of the Foundation ‘Casa della Divina Bellezza’, Forza d'Agrò, Messina); Marco Nocca (Historian of Art, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome); Loredana Rea (Director at of the ‘Umberto Mastroianni’ Foundation of Arpino, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone); Maria Gabriella Mazzola (manager of the aluminum sector, entrepreneur of the promoter company CO.ME.L.).

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