Art  Festival  "Gliu Vient"
Festivals, Italy, Caserta , San Pietro Infine, 25 August 2017
Partecipate in Gliu Vient Art Festival on the theme of the Wind! Deadline July 15, 2017.

There is an open call for artists for participation in the multidisciplinary Art Festival, entitled Gliu Vient. The event is organized by the following cultural associations: L’Arte della Terra, Lost in Babylon and Pentacromo, in collaboration with
The festival will take place on August 25th, 26th and 27th 2017 in the Parco della Memoria storica of San Pietro Infine, Caserta (Italy).
The protagonist will be the Wind which blows almost constantly in this area. It will be celebrate through the various visual arts (painting, sculpture, ceramic, installations, etc.) and figurative arts (live performances of theater, reading performances of poems, live music, etc.) as well as through the realization of workshops for children.
The call is aimed at Italian and foreign visual artists (such as painters, sculptors, ceramists and photographers, etc.). It involves the participation of 120 works (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, collages, etc.) in the realization of an exhibition that will take place across the entire area of the festival during those days.
It also includes a poem section dedicated to all authors, even to foreign authors..
Artists and Poets can apply sending an e-mail to the following address containing the attached application form duly filled to the following e-mail address within and not later than July 15th 2015
Participation in the festival is free for all.
Rules and application form on
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3 years ago
Anais Organizer
Grazie, crepi il lupo!!!
Suzan a1qq Hijab
3 years ago
Maristella  Angeli
3 years ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
In bocca al lupo!
3 years ago
Cat Photographer
Teresa Palombini
3 years ago
Tanya Bartolini
3 years ago
Congratulazione e auguri !!!!
Nanouk Reicht
3 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Complimenti !

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