Exhibitions, Italy, Torino, 11 February 2015
The “PEACE” will be held at MIIT - International Museum Italia Arte of Turin, a self-financed museum, dedicated to international cultural exchange between Italian and foreign artists, and sponsored by public and private institutions.The Open Day is a new project of MIIT Museum for its new exhibition spaces. The basic aim of the exhibition is to make a CAREFUL SELECTION and provide INTERNATIONAL VISIBILITY TO ALL PARTICIPATING ARTISTS AT MUSEUMS, FOUNDATIONS, GALLERIES, ACADEMIES, INSTITUTES OF ITALIAN CULTURE, CONSULATES, AND ITALIAN EMBASSIES IN THE WORLD, with which Italia Arte has been working for a long time. The jury composed by historians, art critics, journalists, publishers, professionals in the legal, economic and financial area, galleries involved and project partners, to make known and appreciate the work of the best artists. The exhibition will allow the institutions listed above (targeted distribution points at which it is sent the monthly magazine "Italia Arte" and the rich catalog of the Exhibition) to make known and evaluate the artworks exhibited and then, eventually, request "Italia Arte" to display those artists in their prestigious venues by exhibitions. 1. RULES TO PARTICIPATE The exhibition will be attended by all the artists selected by the magazine "Italia Arte," edited and directed by art historian, critic, journalist, and editor Guido Folco and by the MIIT Museum. The 2014 Edition will be characterized by the presence of various exhibition sections, in line with the latest curatorial trends, made in collaboration with galleries and Italian and foreign professionals curators. The exhibition does not enjoy government grants, but only free sponsorships and is self-financed with its own resources and the contributions of the privately participating artists, following directives and guidelines regarding the current cultural events promoted by public institutions.
2. PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT This signed agreement must be sent to Italia Arte, once the communication of the artwork selection has occurred, on pain of exclusion from the exhibition. 3. VENUE, PERIOD AND OPENING TIME OF THE EXHIBITION. The exhibition will be held at the Museum of Turin MIIT FROM JANUARY, 11 TO FEBRUARY, 26, 2015. Opening time: Tuesday-Saturday FROM 15.00 TO 19.00. Opening: FEBRUARY, 11 from h. 18.00. 4. TYPES OF WORKS. The exhibition is open to Italian and foreign artists who will participate with various types of works on any subject:1: Painting with various techniques and materials (max. 100 x 100 cm) - 2: Engraving - 3: Sculpture in various materials and techniques (max. 50 x 50 x 50 cm AND WEIGHT NOT EXCEEDING 15 kg or to be agreed by weight and overall dimensions) - 4 : Photo (max. 100 x 100 cm) - 5: Installation, Performance, Video Art, Digital Art. All Artworks must be equipped with wall hangers. HOW TO TAKE PART “PEACE”: DEADLINES FOR SENDING ARTWORK PICTURES FOR THE SELECTION (FREE): The exhibition includes a first participation selection (free), by picture(s) of the artwork(s) the artist wants to exhibit at PEACE. The picture must be sent to ITALIA ARTE - Corso Cairoli, 4-10123 TORINO, ITALY or E-MAILED to: info@italiaarte.it no later than FEBRUARY, 8, 2015.The picture (minimum 10 x 15 cm or if printed in jpg or tiff format if sent by E-mail) must be of good quality (the paper photographs of the artworks will not be returned). On the back of the same (if paper copy) or in the e-mail must be indicated the title of the exhibition you wish to attend “PEACE”). Full name, full address, phone number, e-mail, website of the author, date of birth; title, technique, year of execution and dimensions of the artwork. The catalog will be given to the artists at the end of the show together with the return of the artwork and the other material listed in the contract. 1. SELECTION: The monthly magazine "Italia Arte" will evaluate the submitted photos of the artworks and will make the selection for the PEACE. The evaluation will be final and motivated by art historians, art critics, journalists, gallerists, and contributors to the magazine and confirmed by the editor of "Italia Arte". The selection will be made no later than FEBRUARY, 8, 2015. In real time, the Expert Committee will evaluate and report its decision to the artists. 2. REGISTRATION: The artist, whose artwork is selected, will be notified by phone or email no later than the last scheduled day for selection (FEBRUARY, 8, 2015), inviting him to pay the COMPETITION FEE indicated below; it must be received before FEBRUARY, 11, 2015, on pain of exclusion from the exhibition. At the time of their selection, this contract must be signed and sent to "Italia Arte" (by post: Corso Cairoli 4-10123 Turin, Italy - or by mail: info@italiaarte.it on pain of exclusion from the exhibition. The sending of the artwork(s) photos for the selection, in case of acceptance, is equivalent to a contract proposal. The selection communication is equivalent to acceptance of the proposal referred to in paragraph 1. 3. COMPETITION CHARGES FOR SERVICES ORGANIZATION: Participation fees to the competition, for the services offered, is 150 € for exhibiting 1 artwork / 250 € for 2 a. / 400 € for 3 art. / 550 € for 4 art. to be paid only if selected. The payment is followed by tax receipt issued by Associazione Culturale Galleria Folco or invoice issued by Italia Arte, for holders of VAT, by FEBRUARY, 11, 2015. PAYMENT METHODS FOR REGISTRATION. The payment can be made in the following ways: BANK TRANSFER: to Bank Account at Banca Unicredit, V. Emanuele II, 6/A- 10123 Turin. Italy. Payable to "Associazione Culturale Galleria Folco"IBAN: IT 33 S 02008 01133 000041234116 BIC SWIFT CODE for foreign countries: UNCRITM 1 AD 3 Reason: "PEACE + artist name" POSTAL: For those who want to have receipt or invoice. Transfer on C.C.P. number 64126816 payable to ITALIA ARTE of GUIDO FOLCO or bank transfer with the following IBAN: IT 80 Y 07601 01000 000064126816 Reason: "PEACE + artist name" CASH or CHEQUE: at ITALIA ARTE, Corso Cairoli 4 - 10123 Turin, Italy. In case of non-payment of the registration fee in the terms referred to in paragraph 2, the artist will be required to pay a penalty amounting to € 100 BEYOND THE REQUESTED FEE in favor of "Associazione Culturale Galleria Folco" or "Italia Arte ", without prejudice to damages. 4. SHIPPING OF ARTWORKS:THE ARTWORKS HAVE TO BE SHIPPED TO ITALIA ARTE - Corso Cairoli 4-10123 TURIN, ITALY,NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY, 10, 2015; the deadline cannot be extended. 5 . "ITALIA ARTE" IS COMMITTED TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING SERVICES TO THE ARTISTS: The payment of COMPETITION CHARGES FOR ORGANIZATIONAL SERVICES includes: * Exhibition PEACE
* Press service in color in the monthly Magazine "Italia Arte” dedicated to the event and publication of all the names of the artists selected by sending the .pdf or .jpg of the Press service (Who wishes to have a paper copy of the magazine can take the annual subscription to "Italia Arte" for a discounted price of € 40 for 11 issues per year + 2 free issues for a total of 13 issues, with payment on current account in addition to competition fees for the exhibition: see account details above).
* Inclusion in CATALOGUE (each artist will be entitled to one page) with name, photo of the artwork accompanied by title, format, technique, year of execution.
* 1 Copy of the catalog.
* Insurance of the artworks during the exhibition at the MIIT Museum. Italia Arte will ensure the artworks up to a maximum value of € 1000. In case of more valuable works, the artist may integrate it with a private one.
* Presence on Internet websites. All photographs of the artworks will be posted on the magazine's website in www.italiaarte.it, in a section dedicated to HAPPY.
* Refreshments. Offered by Italia Arte at the opening.
* Photo shoot and video. All participants will be given a copy of the services free of rights, downloadable directly from the website of "Italia Arte" and can be freely used by each artist for his own personal promotion.
* Press Office Activities, printed exhibition and promotional material, invitations card, poster. The exhibition will be communicated through the Press Office "Italia Arte Integrated Communication" and the press offices of galleries and institutions involved in the project through informative material such as brochures, invitations, posters, sending thousands of emails to all the key Italian and foreign media, carried out both on paper or in electronic pdf format , freely conveyed also by the individual artists.
* Exhibition Mounting / Dismantling, guard, representation of all the artists present in the exhibition by qualified "Italia Arte" staff. The shipment of the artworks from the artist's studio to Italia Arte and back is in charge and responsibility of the artists. 6. SHIPPING AND RETURN OF ARTWORKS: Shipping of the artworks at the end of the exhibition will be organized in the following 60 days from the end of the show exhaustively and exclusively by "Italia Arte" by cash on delivery. The works will be delivered to Mail Boxes Etc. for the professional packing and sent by courier appointed by Mail Boxes Etc. (UPS, SDA, DHL or other) for organizational reasons and safety (or with procedures agreed in advance with Italia Arte). Italia Arte will not be responsible for any theft, fire or vandalism that may occur during transport of the works that will be entrusted to the return of the same, professional packers (MAIL BOXES ETC ...) and national and international couriers. The artist is entrusted the task of entering into any insurance for the transport requesting in writing the Organization MAIL BOXES ETC. and the Courier to charge, in addition to the shipping cost, insurance cost for the value indicated by the artist himself. The shipments of the artworks to Italia Arte and from Italia Arte to the address of the artists to the end of the exhibition are paid by the artists. THE STAFF OF ITALIA ARTE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE DAY OF EXHIBITION CLOSING FOR THE DELIVERY OF ARTWORKS TO THOSE ARTISTS WISHING TO PROVIDE FOR IT PERSONALLY. 7. INFORMATION: The material of the artists, such as brochures, catalogues, business cards, etc. will be exposed to the MIIT, and the "Italia Arte" personnel will grade it in a targeted way and deliver it to where it will be required during the exhibition. The exhibition will enjoy security guard continued throughout the whole exhibition period. The MIIT Museum has armoured storage rooms and the most modern systems and intrusion alarm and video surveillance. Italia Arte underwrites general insurance to a maximum of € 1000 to work and guarantee the utmost care in the custody of the artworks during the exhibition. The organization reserves the right to record, capture and disseminate the events with any medium (print, photography, radio, television, internet). Italia Arte reserves the right to establish additional rules and provisions deemed appropriate to better regulate the events and the related services. Participation in the events is understood as acceptance of these rules and forms by the artist and constitutes permission to Associazione Culturale Galleria Folco to store and process in its archives personal data and publish them by any means (Privacy Law L.675/96). The information contained in this document is private and confidential. Its use is only allowed to the recipient of the message, for the purposes indicated in the message. If you are not the person to whom this message is intended for service, please delete it from your system and destroy the various copies, kindly informing Italia Arte at info@italiaarte.it. Improper use is contrary to the principles of the Decree 196/2003 and European legislation (Directive 2002/58/EC). This e-mail may contain information that is confidential, privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure. Use of such information is exclusively reserved to the recipient of this e-mail and for purposes thereof. If you are not an intended recipient of this e-mail and any attachments contained there-in, do not duplicate or redistribute it by any means. Please promptly delete it from your system and notify the sender at the following address: info@italiaarte.it that you have received it in error. Unintended recipients are prohibited from taking action on the basis of the information contained in this e-mail for purposes of Italian an European Union laws, respectively D. Lgs. 196/2003 and Directive 2002/58/CE. signature: ............................................................................

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