Crib - not an original film
Exhibitions, Italy, Cagliari, 06 January 2015
Tuesday, January 6, at 17-24, ruins of the church of Saint Lucia, Via Sardinia, Cagliari
A video art installation in the ruins of the church of Saint Lucia

Will be held Tuesday, January 6, in the picturesque location of the ruins of the church of Saint Lucia in the Marina district of Cagliari, the video installation artist Federico Cozzucoli: Crib - not an original film.
The video is a sequence of images containing a survey deep and introspective, through a mixture of narrative plots, which melt through the manipulation of the artist, accompanied by a background noise. Is also an experiment in enhancement in key contemporary artistic monuments and areas of cultural interest of Cagliari.
The video will be screened in a loop from 17 and up to 24 on the wall of the perimeter wall of one of the oldest churches in the city.
Federico Cozzucoli is an artist performer Messina, Sardinian adoption, which has experienced in his work a balanced symbiosis between the experience liturgical ritual of the Catholic Church with conciliatory elements of pop culture is that of high culture, reflecting the elements that characterize the contemporary Catholicism: the popular devotion and high theology that confronts the world of philosophical culture.
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Gesto Segno Disegno
6 years ago
Grazia Anna
Anna Di Leo
6 years ago
Anna Di Leo Artist
Auguri Federico!
marino felixg
6 years ago
marino felixg Artist
Complimenti per l'Evento!!!
6 years ago
Cat Photographer
Compliments !
Nanouk Reicht
6 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Félicitations !

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