Post Organic: The Day After
Exhibitions, Italy, Cagliari, 22 January 2015
The first exhibition of review of contemporary art "Post Organic: The Day After" opens on 22 January 2015 to 19 at the EXMA' in Cagliari, in collaboration with the Consortio Camù. The project is curated by Erica Olmetto and organized by Deheart with ApgS (Association for the historical environmental geomineral park of Sardinia) and the Museum Geopunto in Iglesias.
The exhibition will move into the territory of Sulcis Iglesiente and in the rest of the island and out of Sardinia in the following months, at the collaboration of Paola Corrias, director of the Museum Geopunto,.

Matteo Campulla, Federico Cozzucoli, Simone Giovagnorio, Alessandro Muscas are the four artists involved in the first exhibition of the project (form 22 January to 22 February 2015, EXMA' in Cagliari). They will develop, each with its own language, the issue of extinction of natural resources and the consequent transformation of the territory. The first place is the anlizzato Sulcis Iglesiente area intensively exploited and transformed by the huge mining, from the time of the Phoenicians until the eighties.
The continuous succession of mineral processing has led to an overproduction of waste that has made it almost dry and barren landscape and, in other cases, in an unusual way, has instead created new shoots of life.

Man against nature, but also the nature against man, when the elements and aerosols in marine coastal environments continue their action of inexorable destruction of artificial materials.
A constant struggle between anthropic built and natural landscape.
Starting from such a context, the artists reflect and experience on the subject using photographic media and digital. The project will drive their imagination to a future not too far away, where the human race will survive without the primary resources and adapt to the new environment.
The hypothetical reconstruction of the world without their resources may be different, as well as multiple scenarios that open up in a context where we are witnessing the destruction of nature, the transformation of the landscape in front of the spread of salinisation and desertification. The places are no longer distinguishable will be replaced by miles of wilderness, the houses improvised containers and disused factories now make available to the few survivors of the mechanical parts of the gears are no longer functional.

The reference to the Post Organic, artistic movement of the eighties, is dictated by the evident reference to the concept of fusion machine, artificial product created by man, with the organic elements. The product is not intended only as a hybrid human body, with vital functions / machine symbiosis continues on which developed the reflections of the first artists of the movement, but also as a fusion of the natural landscape with the artificial one, which generates a process of constant metamorphosis.

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