Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 26 May 2015
the exhibition guides visitors in a dialogue with the photograph of Czech origin, through a route that moves between the new and the historical: from the early avant-garde movements of the 20s, you will reach a wide selection of artists contemporaries whose works embody an authorial and experimental approach to the medium of photography.

In the first section, including Constructivism, Surrealism and New Objectivity 1920-1945, they are shown photographs that have proved crucial in the development of a vision specifically Czech: nudes of František Drtikol, contemplative compositions of Jaroslav Rossler and Jaromir Funke, arrangements Vaclav Zykmund surreal and poetic still lifes of Josef Sudek.

The second section presents the Informal Art, Surrealism and Minimalism in the period since the war to the 70, while the third and final section covers the studio photography, Postmodernism and New Trials of the 90s, focusing on different visions of modern and contemporary authors of Czechs and Slovaks who were benchmark over the last thirty years. They represent the latest generation not yet absorbed by globalization and digitization, which in subsequent decades have radically changed the vision of the Czech photography and beyond.

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CSF Adams
4 years ago
CSF Adams Curator, Institution, Organizer
Czech Fundamental ultimi giorni per visitare la mostra fotografica a Roma
Ha ottenuto un grande successo di pubblico e di riconoscimenti la mostra fotografica di oltre 180 opere visitabile fino al 19 luglio.
Con l’occasione della presenza del curatore Gabriele Agostini a Roma a grande richiesta l’ultima visita guidata proprio domenica 19 alle ore 18.30 Ultimo giorno della mostra a Roma

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tramite e-mail a csfadams@tiscali.it

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