Prize calls, Italy, Roma, 04 May 2018
Call for entries

The call for entries will be recurring and at discretion of Csf Adams and its executives bodies. They will be finalized to the realization of collective exhibitions lasting about 3 weeks that will take place in the main location of Kromart Gallery in Via Vestri 28, Rome, Italy. Csf Adams and Kromart Gallery avail themselves , with the agreement of the author, of the possibility of choosing some projects to become part of the galleries and institutions net related to the above mentioned associations.


“Bernard of Chartres used to compare us to dwarfs perched on the shoulders of giants. He pointed out that we see more and farther than our predecessors… because we are lifted up and borne aloft on their gigantic stature.”
– John of Salisbury, Metalogicon (III, 4) –
ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS that will take place from the 4th until the 26th of May 2018
The projects have to be sent no later than 23:59 CET (Central European Time) of the 20th of April 2018
The call is dedicated to landscapes images, both naturalistic and urban ones, that are capable of telling both the reality that surrounds us, and the creative interpretation of those who are watching it. We are looking for new points of view that describe intimacy, wonder, astonishment and/or spirt of adventure, that help us in the attempt of overcoming the limits of what we already know, that allow us to lean on what has been while reaching towards what will be. We are looking for the world in its complexity, told by those who are observing it.

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