Call for entry  the limit of the present.
Prize calls, Italy, Roma, 30 September 2019
The Call is a competition within the cultural planning of the event CascinafarsettiArt.
The event, now in its 10th edition is a production of Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia adams.
This edition involve several disciplines such as Photography, Video, and Collage works
The aim of the initiative is to promote creativity and culture, supporting artists with particular
attention to the younger generation, by giving them the opportunity to present their works.
Theme of this year’s edition is that of overruling represented by the limit of the
present. Overcoming the limit of the present leads us to reflect on the existent of such, on the
definition of reality and sense of one-self, therefor on the necessity of producing an act, a gesture,
a creation that is in opposition and representative of otherness; in fact, of a creative act. Very often
the need of overruling reality does collide with limit. In order to succeed we need to refer to
imagination, which contains an amount of dream, a hint of instinct combined with insanity in
order to transgress the real order of things. This is the recipe, and if we practice this, we would
have succeeded in the undertaking of moving a little further the boundaries which limit our being,
our actions and desiring.
The stubbornness to visionary characterizes the creative act that leads to artistic creation.
Therefore, only this way we will have recovered completely the fullness of the being, which
characterizes the creative act and we will have given and answer to the eternal emptiness of the

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