Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 22 September 2018
he exhibition is supported by: MeD -Ministry of Diaspora and Strategic Investments, Kosovo. Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Kosovo, Embassy of Kosovo, Rome, B17architects, Galleria Domus Romana Roma.

Looking at the new relationships and the changed way of communicating people in today's society with culture and art, it is normal to acknowledge that they are under the influence and postmodern influence on a democratic man.

The artist emphasizes the key concepts of transformation field.
Personal memories are affected by history events.
The artist also emphasizes the importance of further improvement, coordination and general awareness of constructive conversion options. It discusses the dialogue in the context of different approaches in order to set the criteria.

MAJLINDA KELMENDI (born October 04, 1966 in Tirana, Albania) is a Figurative Artist, well known with works of art, exhibited in Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Austria, Texas, USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Black Mountain, etc. awards and ratings Italy, Belgium, Kosovo, Albania, etc. Founder of the Art Expo.40 and Artistic Director from 2008 of the Multimedia–International project "Net-Network 2008 -2018 for 10 editions with local and international artists, has also implemented other projects in the region and beyond. University Studies: Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, Albania 1986-1990. Postgraduate Studies: Master of Arts. Academy of Fine Arts in Pristina 1999-2000. Lectures at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Pristina since 2000. Currently: Professor Ordinary, Conceptual Art and new media.

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