Artifici Oversize
Exhibitions, Italy, Potenza, 18 December 2013
"Oversize Social Art" proposes the primitive silence and the thousand-year absence of criticism. Proposes the aesthetic production as natural production of man, of all men, everyone has his. When you enter an anonymous human history any more and you will come across in aspirations and propensities artistic aesthetic. Although not realized. The achievements are related to the favorable, or not, the economic conditions that allow the identification and development of their aesthetic attitudes. Art is for everyone. Even for those not true. This meaning can be added to the many data to conceptual art and Pop art through the shit box of Piero Manzoni. The estetca is human and what they like without the help of awareness and rational understanding. It does not need certifications (Kant, Critique of Judgment). Susan Sotang writes in Against Interpretation (1964) "None of us will ever get back to that season of innocence that preceded all theories, when art did not need to justify himself, and there was wondering what" saying "a ' art work because everyone knew, or thought they knew. [...] In almost all modern examples, the interpretation is a philistine refusal to leave in peace the work of art. Real art has the capacity to make us nervous, reducing the artwork to its meaning and then interpret this to mean tame. The interpretation makes the artwork nice and accommodating. (...) A long time ago (when the great art was rare) interpret the works of art it had to be revolutionary and creative task. Today it no longer is. (...) "

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