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A fifth edition alien project

THE HOUSE OF THE ARTISTS of Gallipoli could not close 2018 without a new exhibition. This time it is "ONIRIC CHROMATISMS", another alienist project edited by
Maria Cristina Maritati, which will take place from 8 December 2018 to 12 January 2019, with free admission every evening from 6 to 8 pm. Salvatore Barbagallo, Giorgio De Cesario, Eugenio Giustizieri, Martina Santarsiero, four internationally renowned artists, exhibit their works in the gallery of the now
famous house-museum / artist's residence.

This is the fifth representative exhibition of the "alienist" movement of which Giorgio De Cesario is one of the founders along with other well-known names in the artistic world such as Beppe Costa, Orsetta Foà, Eugenio Giustizieri, Cesare Politi, Amanda Gesualdi and many other Italians and foreigners. The movement has already made its debut in 2012, enjoying considerable success with the public and critics. This current of thought intends to bring new vital balances within contemporary society since it, with its lifestyle, constantly commits expropriation of conscience until it decrees death. The task of the artist is therefore to help the users of art to rediscover themselves through the other, to reawaken our humanity, now surrendered in exchange for a false ideal of progress, and of which we can and must reappropriate ourselves to succeed. to produce the real evolutionary change. The verb "alienate" wants in practice to highlight the way in which man has estranged himself and the way he has distanced himself from reality, becoming himself "alienated" and "alienating" for himself and for others .
The term Alienism brings with it a provocation and a denunciation against all forms of alienation that increasingly dulls the minds and enslaves man. Art is the first step for the self-consciousness of the Spirit, inasmuch as it can only live in art in the immediacy and in the intuitiveness of its fusion with and in nature.

The previous four exhibitions / project were the following:

FROM THE ACTUALITY TO THE FANTASY where Art, starting from the manifestation of Attualità and its interpretation, with the aim of bringing the creative thought back into appropriate forms, expresses the complex contemporary spirituality, experimenting new balances between contents and forms ;

BURQA, "ALIENSED AND HIDDEN IDENTITY", an alienist project that underlines how today's Islamic women, while preserving in many circumstances the clothing of their ancestors, have overcome many taboos of the past and have learned to "alienate" others their emotions, transforming their veils into a symbol of freedom;

FROM FUTURISM TO VERTICALISM, an alienist project that has traced a precise path starting from Sicilian futurism - a cultural phenomenon that in the '30s took shape in Sicily and was characterized by the Mediterranean brightness and chromaticism - and continuing through the paths of Verticalism, in order to highlight the constructive path of the artistic spirit;

VISUAL AND LITERARY COURSES, last year's alien project, which showed how all artistic expressions can contribute to the emotional promotion of human beings, educating them to beauty and to the alienation / sharing of feelings and feelings.

The alienist path of this year instead is based on "CHROMATISMS ONIRICI", on the colors of the works of the four artists who, with their canvases, describe an imaginary, dreamlike world in an attempt to bring the observers back to an unreal world of moments of lightness and poetic everyday life.

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