/ AUTO-PORTRAIT / contemporary photography exhibition
Exhibitions, Italy, Firenze, 09 November 2019
definition or delimitation of absence and presence, of "IO and" SUBJECT "

Philosophy and portraiture have much in common.
There are many thematic coincidences between philosophy and portraiture, and there is that part of philosophy, aesthetics, which often wondered about what portraiture means in extra-philosophical disciplines, from painting and in this case to photography. The interest in self-portrait arises, therefore, from an intense and profound curiosity in absolute continuity with the first motive of the philosophical questioning, namely the question about human nature.
Aesthetics, which somehow dominates the world, attempts to interpret every possible way of producing meaning, experimenting with the innovative potentials of meaning closely linked to the materiality of the photographic support as a communicative tool.

Apart from the theoretical considerations and the questions about what a self-portrait is, and if a self-portrait is possible and if, in the experience of the self-portrait, the artist does not blind himself, given the incapacity in which he finds himself catching his eye, is it therefore possible to portray oneself?
And above all there is the structural fact that a self-portrait is not identified by a simple internal reading of the work, and it is not enough to observe a self-portrait to know that it is a self-portrait. But a literary indication outside the image is necessary to allow us to identify it as such.

The event brings together the artistic work of 20 authors.

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