Blues by Paula França
Exhibitions, Italy, Napoli, 21 April 2017
The Brazilian artist Paula França Presents HIS pictorial Staff, entitled Blues, The Galleria Serio Naples.
The exhibition, consisting of several large paintings by Sara Dimensions open 21 to 28 April 2017.

Informal painting, coloristic investigation, a transposition of emotional STATES privatization: THESE are Elements That converge in the pictorial collection What Paula França exhibits on the Occasion of HIS staff at the Serious gallery.
Come Paula França psychoanalyst attributes to color An emotional psychology. The blue, Which in English means EITHER A color What A Mood, IS studied in its various shades and tones representing the center of the USA artistic research. There are countless Its Meanings, we think for example in the East What The Blue And associated with the representation of the female, the sea, the abysmal depth, WHILE In psychoanalytic science becomes the unconscious color. So, judging by all IOC Shades that this means in our culture wants to show His torment and Ai Visitors At The same time arouse emotions. For Paula The Blue becomes sinónimo of Change. A mutation of Reality, A Journey Expecting detachment from PEOPLE care From the everyday home country to come to New Life in What Adoption.
For this exhibition he was careful and precise reflections of Claudia Del Giudice, Giovanna Donnarumma, Rita and Valeria Esposito Polly Ferronetti.
Paula has participated in several international exhibitions, distinguishing Also coming curator of various exhibitions.

Vernissage April 21, 18:00
From 21 to 28 April 2017
Salvatore Serio Art Gallery
Via Oberdan, 8 - Napoli

gallery hours
From Monday to Saturday: 10: 30-13: 00/16: 30-19: 30

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