Arches: paintings and architectural drawings
Exhibitions, Italy, Napoli, 22 February 2018
Arches: paintings and architectural drawings
Personal exhibition by Paola De Rosa
a cure by Danilo Russo

"The authentic art of today is linked to revolutionary social activity: the first, like the second, to the confusion and destruction of capitalist society" (André Breton).
Social obligations have made their time. Nothing should force man to deprive himself of liberty, neither war nor contribution to national defense.
The revolution is in ideas, in a street with a revolver in hand and random firing among people is a monstrosity that no longer affects. Ignavia is indifferent to problems and damage. From the ethical confusion that derives from it, only certain spiritual activities and some paradox are saved.
Of exasperated experiences, of proof of love, of personal sacrifices, of men honorably prepared to die for their own ideas, their land, their own people, no trace, or perhaps, rarely, only a shadow of them.
Everyone believes they love, they all believe they discover the new, they all believe they are artists. Illusions, or worse, failed in the other.
From a certain intellectual nihilism derived the universal cowardice to fight against the desires of the soul, against homologation, against a certain system of art.
Surrealism was not a new or easier means of expression, and no one metaphysics of poetry; the state of absolute liberation of the spirit and of everything that is akin to it: a true revolution.
All this, makes contemporary art - true contemporary art - a cry of the spirit directed to itself, decided, in desperation, to shatter its shackles.
Paola De Rosa puts herself to the test, with ingenuity, there is no obstacle, barricade or prohibition that she can not overcome or violate; freed from chains, the spirit, disordered and mad, challenges the pen lenons and the corrupt minds of the Catholic Church.
Indifferent to possible criticism, Paola uses the brush as a pen, recognizing that the dialectic, where capable of making a dialogue between the artist and the observer, is useful for interpreting love, dreams, poetry, the madness of art and reason.
Supported by the fides, Paola goes on the path of the unknown, convinced that from recklessness can not be ignored for the achievement of a goal or a goal.
The external world is denied an advantage of what the individual finds in himself: hence the importance recognized to the unconscious and its actions, in a liberated language. According to an awareness, the artist is opposed to the world his own being, waiting to bend the first to the second.
Hence the revolutionary individualism inherent in his thought. Paola lives in a state of fury, which is the condition of a true experience of life and concludes with the resolution of the contradictions within a surreality that includes and surpasses the conscious and the unconscious, the man and the world, the natural and the supernatural. The story research was conducted collectively and with all the trappings of the technical-artistic experiment.
Danilo Russo

Arches: paintings and architectural drawings
Personal exhibition by Paola De Rosa
a cure by Danilo Russo

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