Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 04 April 2018
The new exhibition organized by Arte Borgo Gallery in the prestigious Galleria space in Borgo Vittorio 25 nestled between Castel Sant'Angelo and the Basilica of San Pietro entitled "Aesthetic tensions and motions of the Spirit" will take place from 4 to 16 April 2018
The exhibition wants to put in deep dialogue dialogue works that intend to celebrate the appeal of the creative act aimed at offering evocative suggestions that assume different meanings in their free relationship with the personal interpretation of the observer.
In a broad and varied context that never loses sight of the harmonic balance, the mind and the soul abandon themselves to feeling.
The harmony of shapes and colors translate into images the intimacy of those who created them and the poetry of aesthetics stands as a testimony to a non-objective but intimate vision.
The work becomes the aesthetic language of a figurative, abstract and / or conceptual narrative aimed at celebrating the creative act and which gives subjective and infinite suggestions.
Participation is open to all artists who want to present their works in the following artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, graphics.

It will be possible to register until March 23rd 2018 and the artist can participate with one or more works.

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