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Exhibitions, Spain, Province of Barcelona, Barcelona, 07 September 2019
The ARAGÓN 232 Gallery is an artistic space in the central area of Barcelona. The gallery is located in one of the areas where the main art galleries are located, close to the most important symbols of the city, La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and La Rambla. A completely open space where every artist has the opportunity to meet in an international panorama.

The exhibition, which will last 15 days, essentially focuses on what an artist manages to combine with his art and his being. The ability to understand every aspect of oneself and to know how to transform it into something new. Everything in a true work of art is the symbol of total immersion within it, the metaphor of a lunge in a universe of sensations and nuances so wide that only a sensitive soul like that of one who offers himself totally to the amazing event that is the creation of a work can face and then re-emerge with something unique with itself, ready to show a blind world like the one in which we live.
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