Materic Paths
Exhibitions, Italy, Cuneo, 23 August 2019
Open: Friday, August 23, 4:00 pm

From 23 August to 1 September the Palazzo Samone in Cuneo will host the personal exhibition of Fabio Brambilla, aka "Fabiobram", entitled "Percorsi Materici".

The exhibition is sponsored by the Municipality of Cuneo. In the halls of the Palazzo, which is home to the offices of the Municipality's Cultural Sector, works recently created by the artist and belonging to the cycle of his material experiments will be presented to the public.

The poetics of the material is a constant throughout Fabio Brambilla's artistic career. His abstract, informal painting is enriched with new body elements.

Concrete and tangible presences enter the scene: fabric, glue, resins, stones, wood.

The multiple variables put in place are transfigured into a clever play between colors, between color and matter, between matter and volume. The visual impact becomes multisensory and the work interacts communicating its physicality and expanding into space. The thick layers of color, next to the inclusions of the new elements, take on a sculptural effect from which the evocative forces of matter are released in a great vital tension.

Plans, volumes, depth, shape, color, light merge and balance each other in a completely harmonious compositional balance. A sober rhythm cadence the energy that emanates from this encounter between the tangible real and its own poetic conception, between a raw analysis and an intimate and personal intuition, in a powerful allegory of the great enigma of existence.

Maria Teresa Majoli
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5 months ago
Grazie Amici "Celestici " vi ringrazio un abbraccio ... fabio
5 months ago
catto_art Premium Artist, Painter
lucia leopardi
5 months ago
augurissimi Fabio.
Nanouk Reicht
5 months ago
Tanti auguri Fabio !
Ursula Schwarz
5 months ago
Auguri Fabio.
Maristella  Angeli
5 months ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Artist, Painter
Teresa Palombini
5 months ago
5 months ago
Cat Premium Photographer
Complimenti e auguri!

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