CELESTINO V BETWEEN ART AND EREMITAGE- Edited by Roberto Cumbo and Laura Mocci
Exhibitions, Italy, Pescara, 02 September 2017
Works by the Nicola Zabaglia School of Art and Crafts in Rome
Edited by Roberto Cumbo and Laura Mocci
Inauguration Saturday, Setpt 2 ,at 5.30 pm
Hermitage of the Holy Spirit in Majella, Roccamorice (PE)
Saturday, September 2 2017, at 5.30 pm at the Hermitage of the Holy Spirit at Majella - Roccamorice (PE)
Will be inaugurated the exhibition of works by the Art and Crafts School Nicola Zabaglia
Of the City of Rome, entitled Celestino V between art and hermitage.
Winds between different paintings, sculptures, installations and artifacts will witness the studies and research
On the figure of Pietro da Morrone, then Pope Celestino V, realized by teachers and students of the School
Art and Crafts Nicola Zabaglia, active in the capital since 1870.
"The exhibition is born of the desire to enhance this important reality in the wake of the interventions
Realized by the students of the course of Restoration and Conservation at the Eremo of the Holy Spirit during
The summer 2016 "says Roberto Cumbo, school coordinator and curator of the exhibition along with
Laura Mocci, who adds that "the project saw light thanks to the collaboration with" Italy
Our "and with the Roccamorice Administration".
Benedictine Hermit, Founder of the Order of Celestines, Pietro da Morrone was Pope for a few months
In 1294 under the name of Celestino V. "The works exhibited, are the mirror of a work done with
Dedication and passion from those who believe in the transfer of skills, "says Laura Mocci who
Presenting the works of Letizia Ardillo, Tatiana Braun, Rossella Canuti, Daniela Carpentieri, Anna
Catalan, Emira Cupid, Daniela Mazza, Maria Rosaria Moschella, Roberta Oppedisano, Anna
Palombi, Osvaldo Sabene, Teresa Sabino, Otello Scatolini, Marina Taurini, Antonio Toscano,
Romana Vanacore states that the authors, "free within a theme and choice of technique,
With their works they contribute to defining the man in whom doubts, rigor and fragility coexist. "
The works, exhibited throughout the summer, will be donated to the Hermitage of the Holy Spirit

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