Mother And Child
Exhibition, United Kingdom, Bath, 08 November 2018
Skills: Exhibition space, Studio Assistant, Curator, Photographer, Car, Camera, Lights, Computer / Printer, Artist
Mother And Child is an exhibition by Luke Gilliam at the Saint James Wine Vaults in November 2018. The exhibition aims to raise questions into motherhood. Why after all these centuries do we perceive motherhood to be so sacred? After a sequence of successful political paintings including a portrait of Julian Assange and a piece titled Too Many Dead Children And Not Enough Brains To Process It All, raising questions about the Syrian Conflict, Gilliam aims to enquire into the sacred nature of motherhood. When a child is born no one can see what the future holds for her or him. It is a mystery. There are many pathways awaiting them and this mystery is seen in the mother's face when they are together. This exhibition will attempt to explore the depths of this connection.

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