Exhibition, Italy, Roma, 03 June 2018
Skills: Studio to work in, Artist, Collector
To SpaziOfficina UPCOMING EVENTS will start after the summer in the first Sundays of

3 December

4 March

6 June

I want to be able to offer the pleasure of the meeting Opportunity Confidential on the same day but at different times in my SPAZIOFFICINA Free Creative Laboratory in Rome, at the Nuovo Salario, Via Montaione 38 For Appointments in SPAZIOFFICINA, you must always make sure the ' effective aperture and Confirm with a simple phone call to 328 2726700 ... OTHERWISE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE fOR ... tO aPPRECIATE MY WORKS INCORPORATED in decor and oN SHOW iN ADDITION tO GIVE INFORMATION oN tHE COURSE OF "HAND 'CERAMICS" that I organize as by the end of September, where they learn Achieving and Decorating your Ceramic object that, after the various stages: Realization, the Cooking, Decorating, Cooking II, remains the property as evidence of artistic skills acquired.

-RISERVATA TO ARTISTS ... .. DRINK WITH ART from 10,00 to 13,00 hours in which each artist, having given ABOVE ITS MEMBERSHIP EMAIL to rellamariapia2014@libero.it with photo Opera intending Expose after Confirmation will bring his work and will be able to expose it in the SPAZIOFFICINA environments, in a Free and Free, as I find it useful to share with our opportunity Works and knowledge among artists in addition to Toast to the pleasure of the meeting ... -FOR LOVERS OF ART ... OPEN AND FREE MY ART from 16.00 to 19.00 AVRO WHERE 'tHE PLEASURE tO WELCOME THOSE WHO MAKE AVAILABLE tO DIVE IN aTMOSPHERE AND CONTEXT BETWEEN tHE IDEAL ... MY WORKS ... that can be enjoyed and also purchased ... iN PROMOTION & DISCOUNT ... to get or make a gift Unique and unrepeatable ... do not use molds or casts ... ALL WORK aND 'UNIQUE aND ORIGINAL aS tHE RESULT oF MY ABILITY 'aND TECHNIQUES oF ART iN tHE YEARS tHAT HAVE FOUND tHE WAY tO GROW aND EVOLVE ... in the various techniques and Expressive mode using my hands as a Unique Tool ... from user Ceramics and Furniture , Sculpture, Painting, Oil on Wood. EMOTIONS = WORKS = EMOTIONS The Artist Interprets typically, expresses, Manifesta, their emotions in works ... Become a co-author to make or make a Custom Gift ... I, Maria Pia RELLA I propose to CREATE WORKS COMMITTEE of ... Opera can be made of ceramics such as Subject of use and Furniture, Mirrors with curbs fruit or flowers, the sculptures, to finish with Oil Paintings on Wood ... Interpret others' emotion is definitely more challenging, but the difficulty is obtained Realization ...RELLA Maria Pia

SpaziOfficina +39 328 2726700 rellamariapia2014@libero.it wwwartmajeur.com/it/gallery/spaziofficina




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