Exhibition, Italy, Lecco, 26 July 2020
Skills: Exhibition space, Artist, Collector
With the entropy term we usually speak about the measuring system of the chaos and also of the universe. This term stolen from thermodynamics and science in general, it provides guidance on how complex system evolves . In particular, when a system goes from a disordered to an ordered state its entropy increases. This physical phenomenon, quite mysterious and obscure for most people, good approaches to the work of contemporary art strictly connected to our society.

Contemporary art travel without constraints to unpredictable directions, overcoming distant borders . Nowadays the art, unlike the previous artistic experience, is very fragmented in an extreme eclecticism, stylistic and poetic in individualism that expand the surface in a continuous and inexorable way just like an expanding universe.

The most difficult thing approaching contemporary art lies precisely in the fragmentation of languages ​​and often also in the difficulty of the user to grasp the full content.

Through this exhibition we will try to make a journey through a limited number of works of art by contemporary artists with very different languages ​​but united by the same living present.

The world around us, the people close to us influence us and we affect them in a certain way. The artist, a person with a more refined sensibility, is able to perceive these influences, such energies, and then retransmit them in the form of an artwork. The language used is only a medium, a tool for the artist to emphasize the aspects that most interest him.

Shapes, colors, gestures shots, situations,with those elements we can try to snatch a message, a cry, a warning, or simply an energy, a way of being in a system that many call it society.

The etymology of the word entropy gives us the sense and the key to the show. From the greek "inside" and "change", "turning point."

Through the "experiences" of these artists coming from different parts of the world (new priests of the modern world) we can consider different points of view and try to understand which direction our world is taking.

Or more simply we could be able to understand how something within us changes and moves in front of an externalization of the human soul which is the art. Learn how to operate our inner eye that is more related to the heart than to the brain and thus also overcome the barrier of the modern Babel of languages in contemporary art that often prevents the understanding and an easy approach to this kind of art.

Entropy is a show for people that would like to get involved and upset, it’s an exhibition able to put in motion the mess that is inside us, from which arise thoughts and emotions.

This exhibition will be like a drop of ink falling into our inland sea that will propagates in an unpredictable way, which may not leave an indelible mark and deep, but that simply will expand our ego, just like a drop. The comprehension of the world and of the other people will expand too, in and entropic way that is to say a way where our actions have some value in that way we can hope to change this world.

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