Festival, Lithuania, Kaunas, 12 October 2012
Skills: Curator
INSANITUS – yearly growing and developing itself contemporary art and music festival, which will take place in Kaunas at ex-factory „Lituanica“ on October 12-13th. The festival intents to convey culture of contemporary media through interactive art. INSANITUS is not bound to stereotypes and it‘s idea is to integrate the viewers into the creating process.

The main idea of the art part of this year festival is to fill the factory‘s gloomy industrial spaces with interactive art pieces. Interaction is a process when two or more subjects communicate with each other, developing a common outcome. Interaction catches you, makes you wonder and creates a desire to look closely. Interaction challenges your sanity. It is not only a connection between a creator and a viewer, but also among media - light - matter, real and surreal. In contemporary art, not limited by anything, interaction seems to be one of the strongest issues and becomes a natural part of creating process, which allows a viewer to participate and a creator to draw closer to the viewers. Art becomes a constant flow and crosses all lines, when media and installation is used interactively.

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Daniel  Jorden
3 years ago
Daniel Jorden Artist
The festival aims to present new movement within modern music with a special focus on multimedia projects that are extravagance as a expensive constituent of inspired activity. See more:

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