“70 YEARS RYOSUKE COHEN, 1948-2018”
Exhibition, Italy, Salerno, 01 December 2018
Skills: Exhibition space

"70 YEARS RYOSUKE COHEN, 1948-2018"


Via S. Calenda, 105 / D 84126 Salerno (Italy).

International Mail Art Project "Add and Return" dedicated to Ryosuke Cohen.

Edited by Giovanni Bonanno and in collaboration with Archivio Ophen Virtual Art and the Bongiani Collection Ophen Art Museum in Salerno.

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Ryosuke Cohen (June 09, 2018), the Spazio Ophen Virtual Art Gallery in Salerno invites and sends to a friend of Ryosuke Cohen friends a Fractal Portrait base cm. 26.2x19.6 in color, asking them to intervene with any technique, by inserting in their blank white space of Cohen's portrait what they feel useful to add to completing the work and sending it back in a closed envelope to:

Giovanni Bonanno Space Ophen Virtual Art Gallery Via S. Calenda 105 / D 84126 Salerno (SA).

N.B. If you do not receive the R. Cohen portrait sheet, you can take part in this international project by printing the sheet we attach to this event by sending it to us in good time.

The works will be published permanently in Room 30 of the Bongiani Art Museum in Salerno

Visit the hall dedicated to this project: http://www.collezionebongianiartmuseum.it/sala.php?id=75

For this event, the Spazio Ophen Virtual Art Gallery in Salerno will organize a virtual international collective exhibition as an international event from 15 July to 1 December 2018, with its press release, the critical text and the exhibition's communication to the most important art magazines, newspapers and contemporary art sites. The exhibition will then be archived and permanently visited in the "exhibitions performed" space of the virtual gallery of Salerno.

Deadline for the project: 30 May 2018

(After the expiration of the Project "70 YEARS RYOSUKE COHEN, 1948-2018" will become "Work in progress")

E-mail. bongiani@alice.it

Visit the Bongiani Museum Collection:


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