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edited by Sandro Bongiani

Critical presentation by Piero Cavellini

(In collaboration with the Brescia Archive of Cavellini)

From 22 December 2017 to 31 March 2018

Inauguration: Friday 22 December 2017, 18.00

On Friday 22nd December 2017, at 6.00 pm, the solo exhibition entitled "CAVELLINI ARTISTAMP / EXHIBITION AT DOMICILIO" will be inaugurated by Sandro Bongiani, which the Spazio Ophen Virtual Art Gallery in Salerno dedicates to the Italian artist Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, presenting, in collaboration with the Cavellini Archive of Brescia, the series of 77 stamps, some still unpublished, in a deliberately "virtual" exhibition, as a logical development of the exhibitions created by the artist at home, including works in acrylic, inlay, charcoal, wood, collage, marker, serigraphy, photography and preparatory graphic studies created during the 70s and 80s in the form of Artistamp, with the aim of investigating a significant part of Cavellini's work that is not yet fully known. In its uninterrupted navigation in the territory of art, GAC has continuously sought clarifying signals that made explicit the condition of the artist and his ambitions very often frustrated by conflict with social dynamics. In this context the first stamps are born, in the second half of the Sixties, essentially wooden reproductions inlay of works worthy of being eternal with the simplest and most immediate means that social communication has to give prestige to a human activity: that of insert it into the postal iconography. A life totally dedicated to self-planning, widely distributed from 1970 onwards with exhibitions and home catalogs, posters, pins, stickers, memorabilia, stamps, performances, happenings, waiting and planning the official celebration of 2014 in conjunction with the centenary of his birth, in the Venetian Palazzo Ducale and in the most prestigious museums in the world.

Piero Cavellini writes in the presentation at the exhibition: "It is in the early seventies that, appropriating a rampant conceptual expression, these judgments in some way explode. In 1971 he coined the term "self-depreciation" and began a work expanded and insisted by placing himself first as a champion of the condition of the artist bringing on himself the task of providing him with ways to overcome the state of exclusion. It does so essentially with the concept of "Centenario" as an anticipatory strategy of its own celebration and with the "Exhibitions at home", a postal exhibition vehicle that allows it to exhibit its work in ten thousand places all over the world. These activities put him in a circuit of international postal art that was already spreading for some years in the expressive dynamics of the period. It is within this flight forward that the "Stamp" is an essential element of this type of artistic circulation. In the final part of his work, the eighties, when his presence in the art world becomes extended and participated, this syntactic expedient of communication becomes more and more "painted work" itself giving vent to a creativity without brakes, a production with varied and eclectic subjects a large quantity of works such as "Stamp Design for my Centenary". It is in this period, therefore, that he uses his particular "style" to give substance to the corpus of works that should have supported the museum exhibitions of 2014. The result is the composition of an intimate and social universe with which it gives body to a vision of itself compared to the others in which the stamp becomes the privileged territory with which it tries to eternalize its state.


GAC (Guglielmo Achille Cavellini) was an important scholar and collector of European abstract art. From the mid-1940s he made his debut with drawings and portraits. In 1960, he devoted himself to experimentation: some examples of his work are often linked to quotations, true and proper elaborations of famous works that make it a true actor in the staging of art. GAC puts into practice its self-hororization theory: doing it by itself in building around the halo of success, putting aside the canonical processes that the system uses for this purpose. It is not an act of megalomaniac self-representation, but the triggering of an alternative procedure: a revolution within artistic communication. Andy Warhol starts portraying Cavellini, and the GAC genre pays homage to Andy with the stamp "The Marilyn of Warhol" (1984). The use of recycled materials (in assembled objects, in wood inlays, in coals), is the instrument of his work. The Teatrini and the artist's stamps are born, through which homage to the genes of painting is paid: Picasso, Lèger, Matisse, Braque and also the love for Mail Art, a free and democratic movement that allows GAC to have contacts and important comparisons with many artists scattered all over the planet.



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