Present your art as a video spot or slideshow daily during prime time at ART Stalker
Exhibition, Germany, Berlin, 30 April 2018
Present your art as a video spot or slideshow daily during prime time at ART Stalker

No packaging, no shipping, no customs formalities, no hanging and dismantling, no damage - and nevertheless present in a real art gallery and event location in Berlin with your art!

Every day in prime time from 8 pm on, your art will be displayed on one of our two projection screens. This ensures communication and publicity with our changing audience.

This modern form of an art exhibition is particularly interesting for artists who do not live in Berlin and still want to present their art here to a broader audience without losing their relation to a real public. Our visitors, who are interested in art, have our team members as contact persons on site and can also discuss about the works shown, as in the case of an actual exhibition.

If a visitor wants to get more insights into the work of the artist or even wants to buy a work, he or she can get in touch over his website or email address, which are also published on our monthly print flyer and in our web pages.

Art Stalker is open 7 days a week from 6 pm on and offers a varied program of events such as concerts, parties, readings, dance classes, meetings and much more. In contrast to the classical gallery, we are attracting a wide and art-interested audience through our mixed concept and are therefore ideally suited as a platform for the promotion and advertising of artists.

What are the terms and conditions?

You send us a download link via Dropbox, We Transfer, etc. to your video spot or your Slideshow. The video spot can be up to 5 minutes long. In addition, your contact address or website should be clearly readable in the spot. Allowed formats are ".mp4", ".mov", ".wmv", ".mkv" and ".webm". Optimal: H.264 video in MOV or MP4 format, aspect ratio of 1.280 x 720, 16: 9 HD, frame rate of 30 frames / sec.

You can also send us additional business cards by mail, which we can lay out.

You also can send a video that is e.g. a timelapse show how a work is created, your imagination has no boundaries. Surely also wall art, 3d animation, performance and short film etc. with the only condition that these are without sound. As a small reference point, the average viewing time of a work of art is between 11 and 28 seconds.

Of course, we will also include the artists of the month on our homepage and in our printfolder.

The presentation costs 35, - € (gross) per month.

Just fill out the form and we're off!

1 month - daily - video presentation of your art in Berlin including link at our homepage and promotion in printfolder – generate new art-interested fans, buyers and collectors for only 35,00 € - no other costs, no commissions in the sale case

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