Independent curator and researcher 
Eva Barois De Caevel is a Paris-based assistant curator at Raw Material Company, Dakar, and the recipient of the ICI 2014 'Independent Vision Curatorial Award'. She graduated from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne Paris IV in Contemporary Art History in 2011 and in Curatorial Training in 2012, with a research focusing primarily on moving images. She has been working concurrently on academic research as well as on postcolonial questions and socially engaged practices in contemporary art, and on their interaction: how socially engaged practices in contemporary art can become think tanks on postcolonial issues. She completed a curatorial residency at Raw Material Company – centre for art, knowledge and society, Dakar, which consisted of working on a yearlong program (January 2014 to January 2015) on sexual liberties in Africa through contemporary African art. She curated the first event of the program: Who Said It Was Simple. The exhibition included screenings, debates, a performance, and a seminar. She continues her collaboration with director Koyo Kouoh, working with her on several projects, such as Streamlines: Methaphorical and Geopolitical Interpretations of the Oceans a project that makes the oceans the focal point for an international group exhibition which will examine the cultural repercussion of the global stream of goods and trade between the South and the North (to be held at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, in December 2015). Barois De Caevel is co-founder of Cartel de Kunst, an international collective and solidarity network of emerging curators based in Paris. In 2015 Barois De Caevel is jury member of Celeste Prize, 7th edition.